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The App


Superset is your AI-powered study sidekick, exclusively for KU Leuven students. Imagine having more free time to do what you love, while still doing well in your exams. No more staying up late to cram or feeling stressed.

With Superset, you can:

We're not about boring study schedules or tedious note-taking. We're about helping you not miss the student life.

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Our Vision

The goal of our products is to hook you up with the best stuff — giving you the opportunity to do what you love and live that full student life without missing out due to studying.


Privacy Policy for Superset

Terms of Service of Superset

For any legal questions, please reach out to [email protected].


Superset is not affiliated with KU Leuven and is built by students.

In-app AI
is powered by Groq

In-app AI is powered by Groq

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KU Leuven KICK

Baked by KU Leuven KICK